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Take immediate action. If you smell gas in your house, camper, RV, workplace or around any gas equipment:

– Extinguish smoking materials and other open flames.

– DO NOT turn light switches, appliances or thermostats on or off, and DO NOT use the telephone. An electric spark could ignite the gas.

– Promptly get everyone out of the building, vehicle, RV, trailer or area.

– If safe to do so, close all propane container supply valves.

Call State Line 860-653-8076, or your local fire department, from your cell phone, or a neighbor’s phone.

-Stay out of the structure until it is declared safe to re-enter by a qualified gas professional or fire service personnel.



Take immediate action for any, and all oil leaks:

Please call State Line 860-653-7241. We will immediately send out a service technician to address the spill, and report the spill if it falls within the requirements. Additionally, please call your local fire department if necessary.