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Connecticut Propane Delivery

Please call us at 860-653-8076 for the best propane price

We take pride in offering clean, reliable, dependable local propane deliveries to our customers at fair prices. Switching to State Line is easy! Call 860-653-8076 today for a free estimate. Our pricing is based on Selkirk’s wholesale price (rack/spot) that all propane suppliers use. We then offer the best possible rate. Rates can fluctuate daily or weekly. We offer Budget plans and also Pre Buy Programs to lock in the lowest prices possible.

Why Propane?


Cost Effective



Because of the clean-burning characteristics of propane, very little maintenance is required to retain the high efficiencies of propane fueled equipment.

There is no need for expensive pipelines like those required for natural gas, instead, Propane can be delivered regularly or when needed.

Light sleeper? Noise sensitive? No problem! Propane heating systems and even propane generators are known for how quiet they are.

Propane is nontoxic and doesn’t pose a threat to soil and water (above or underground), Because its’s so clean Propane is not regulated by the EPA.


Long Lasting Equipment


Propane is used just about everywhere, in the home, at businesses, it can even power vehicles!

Propane tanks and propane appliances are made to be long lasting, and propane’s non-toxic emissions mean no soot or salt buildup.

Not only is the Propane industry heavily regulated to ensure proper safety, propane does not require massive pipelines like natural gas or large generators and transformers like electricity.

For the Home and the Business

Common uses for propane in the Home include

Common commercial uses for Propane include

Flexible Reliable Propane Deliveries

With over 400,000 gallons of Propane and Oil storage, you can depend on State Line to provide timely deliveries at reasonable prices. We also sell, install and service a wide array of gas fireplaces, firepits, outdoor appliances and heating systems

Automatic Propane Delivery

Request A Delivery

Tank Monitoring

For consistent users deliveries can be scheduled regularly based on usage.

Just give us a call when you need more fuel and we’ll be there!

With a tank level monitoring device we can make a delivery whenever your tank is running low, no call-in needed!